A brand new scrollbar: Codescroller for JQuery

Long time ago, my AS2 and AS3 scrollbar were pretty useful out there. Now, years have passed, I started working with other languages, so today I’m gonna present you all my new scrollbar.

Codescroller Plugin V0.8 for JQuery

It’s very simple to use. Let’s see how.

STEP 1: Include JQuery and JQuery UI.

STEP 2: Include plugin js and theme css – the only theme now is the default one. The plugin must be, obviously, included right after JQuery and JQuery-UI are included.

STEP 3: Create a div, with some text included. You can set the div’s id to whatever you want, we will use codescroller for simplicity.
STEP 4: As long as the document is ready, use the codescroller() function on the element.

STEP 5: Voilà!

It works on Firefox, Chrome, IE 8+, Safari, Opera

This is my first JQuery plugin, so please just drop a comment below, to let me know what you think about it.
Current version is 0.8, I will reach version 1 as long as I add support for touch scrolling.


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