ParallaxBox: a class for bitmap parallax

There’s thousands of sites out there, where you can notice a certain bitmap parallax effect, elements in a image that moves differently, responding to mouse movements, with different speeds. Just like this, but imagine it stagewide.

Now you can set your parallax using the ParallaxBox class. Simply:

  1. Create your parallax movieclips, and put them on the stage.
  2. On your timeline, write this (or similar, adjusted to your needs)
    [sourcecode language=”actionscript3″]
    pc.addItem(“level1”, 200, 30, false);
    pc.addItem(“level2”, 120, 10, false);
    pc.addItem(“level3”, 70, 2, false);pc.xrate = 6;
    pc.yrate = 8;pc.mode = ParallaxBox.BOTH;
    pc.blurred = true;pc.start();
  3. At last, test!

Check, play and steal free!

WARNING: Guess what? High use of this class, in different instances, can be CPU-intensive.

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