ScrollbarAS3: A solid scrollbar engine for actionscript 3

Introducing ScrollbarAS3, from old site, a very simple way to add scrollbars in your flash sites! It’s easy to use even with frameworks like Gaia Framework.

How to use:

  1. Include in your project folder.
  2. Target a clip in your .fla that needs to be scrolled, create a scrollbar – or use mine, just joking…
  3. In your .fla timeline, copy this:[sourcecode language=”actionscript3″]
    import Scrollbar; // import scrollbar class// create scrollbar instance
    // content = the clip to be scrolled
    // mask = the clip that masks the content and hide the area not visible
    // ruler = the scrollbar ruler
    // background = the scrollbar background
    // hoverarea = active area for mousewheel
    // blurred = is the content blurred while scrolling?
    // blurredAmount = how much is it blurred?
    var sc:Scrollbar = new Scrollbar(content, mask, ruler, background, hoverarea, blurred, blurredAmount);

    // add a listener to stage for waiting for scroll to be attached to it
    sc.addEventListener(Event.ADDED, scInit);
    // add the scrollbar to the stage (or whatever…)
    // as soon as added to the stage, init the scrollbar!
    function scInit(e:Event):void {

  4. Now test!

Feel free to download, use and change (please credit back to my name).


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